Gino Quilico 

Performing Artist

FR                                                                Voice lessons and Masterclasses

Mr. Quilico has given masterclasses at The University of Toronto Faculty of Music, The Rollins College of Orlando, The Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski, The Société d’art Lyrique du Royaume, The Orphéon choir of Trois-Rivières and the opera companies of Philadelphia,  Victoria Pacific Opera and for the past 3 years at The Festival de Musica de Santa Catarina (Brazil).


the voice 

  • Increase vocal range
  • Sing high notes with ease
  • Build vocal strength
  • Gain confidence for live performance 

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I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher that focuses on the voice. Teachers need to be able to motivate and guide students towards success. As a well renowned singer who has succeeded in his own career, I can provide the tools and guidance needed to help all of my students excel. Having worked with students and professionals around the world, I bring a depth of experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills. I specialize in Voice and Interpretation. It is very important to me that every student that comes into my studio will have learned something before he or she  leaves.

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1. Posture

Head and neck straight, Spine straight

Shoulders relaxed

Rib cage open and flexible

Knees never locked but slightly bent

Weight on the balls of the feet

2. Throat Opening

Relax the jaw

Open the throat like you are going to yawn

Focus on the space in your throat but avoid creating tension

Relaxed tongue

Raise and open the moveable soft palate.

3. Breathing

Breath deeply in a supported lower abdomen. 

Breathe through the nose and mouth

Lift the soft palate and feel cold air as you breathe.

Avoid sucking in the air

Expand into the back section of lungs

Relax into the breath. Let the air flow unobstructed like a sigh.  

4. Sound visualization & Vocal chords

Finding and recognizing the vocal chords

Tense Chords for the right resonance

Awareness and connection, become one with the voice.

Vocal cords are to emit sound as the air is released.