Gino Quilico 

Performing Artist


To celebrate my 40 years career, I have taken on a new role of Mephistopheles in the opera Faust

Gino Quilico


New concert available (Great Voices of Canada)



Show is still available

For his concert Gino Quilico surrounds himself with l’Ensemble TrioSphère. Composed of three talented musicians, the pianist Dominic Boulianne, the violinist Lizann Gervais and the cellist Elisabeth Giroux. An evening of story telling from la canzonetta Italiana to la variete Française and broadway tunes to opera. A complicity with the musicians and his accessibility with the audience result in a evening with a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Serata d’Amore was born from a series of performances given by Gino Quilico last summer, in which he offered a journey through various eras, composer and genres. Comprised of songs in Italian, French and English, the singer converges himself back towards his roots in Italy where, every weekend in the car between Rome and Ostia, he would intone as a child arias of Tosti and traditional ballads along with the warm baritone of his father Louis and the accordion of his mother, Carolina Pizzolongo.

Nominated at L'ADISQ