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Stage Direction available by Gino Quilico

My staging is centered on the characters and on the wayto ensure that the singers find in themselves the emotions that are appropriate to interpret their characters individually. However, I always put the music first, it has to go through the voice first. My approach is also very text-centric so that the singer believes in what they are performing. 

 It is very important to have a functional decor on stage to serve the performers. As a result,I don't believe in big, lavish productions. I focus heavily on lighting to express moods and emphasize the artists. What is important to me is music, theater and interpretation.


I like to divide the score and the libretto. The booklet contains movement guidelines and acting tips explaining how I would like the performers to interpret their roles as actors. The score is controlled by the conductor who has the final say on musical decisions. Fostering a good relationship between the stars, the director and the conductor is essential to the success of the production. As a director, I take into account the body position of the performers, who are singers, and I consider myself a director of singers.

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